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Exclusive stockist and supplier of stainless steel piping material & other industrial products

Mogul Electromech is a Dubai based premier supplier of stainless steel, carbon and speciality graphite products used in the processing, energy, manufacturing, fabrication and piping industries.

With our extensive stock range and product know-how, we dedicate ourselves to make your industrial processes more efficient, profitable and sustainable.

Quality Assurance

We stock high quality and approved products from world class manufacturers.

We guarantee our material to be free of manufacturing defects.    If ever there is a problem, we will provide a replacement with the utmost urgency.​


Huge Inventory

We extensively stock huge inventories of all our products in all standard sizes. This enables us to make material available to end users in real time projects & shutdown activites.

Export Market

Aside from the UAE market, we have been catering to most of the GCC and MENA region countries. We have strong ties with reputed freight forwarders that have been regularly delivering to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and certain North African countries.

Timely Delivery

We aim to ensure timely delivery of all the orders within the given time and is often an area of focus for process improvement initiatives.

Industries Served

offshore oil.jpg

Oil & Gas


power generation.jpg

Power Generation




Aluminium Extrusion

port and cranes.jpg
Paper Mill-small.png


Port and Crane


skid fabrication.jpg

Skid Fabrication

wire and cable factory.jpg

Wire and Cable

medical and pharmaceutical edited.jpg


food and beverage.jpg

Food and beverage

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