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Carbon Brush

Our carbon brushes are designed to provide maximum life with minimal commutator or slip ring damage.

Selecting the correct brush grade is critical for the performance of your motor or generator and our technical team can assist you in this selection.

We offer material grades and brush design to manage all your requirements providing high performance from:

  • Low load running to high current

  • Varying temperatures

  • Extremes in altitude 

  • Extremes in humidity


Carbon Brush Holder

Brush holders for system and machine construction ensure precise positioning of the brush at all times, even under the toughest conditions. Integrated wear indication also ensures increased efficiency in maintenance and replacement. We stock brush holders suitable for all types of motors, generators, alternators, grounding systems and current and signal transmission.

  • Single/Multiple pocket Holders for

      commutator machinery.

  • Multiple Flange Holders for various pressure and wear leveling

  • Double Arm Holders adjustable for various Slip Ring Assemblies

  • Plug-in Holders for turbo generators & alternators safe brush change during operation


Current Collectors

We deal with all types of Carbon collectors, Pantographs, Overhead crane pickups, and third rail earthing systems for :

  • Rail / Road maintenance vehicles

  • Overhead cranes

  • Continuous electroplating lines

  • Energised conveyor systems


Carbon Vanes

Carbon vanes have proved successful as sealing elements in rotating compressors such as vacuum pumps and condensers of liquids and gases. 

The grades we represent retain the basic properties which make carbon unique as an engineering material operating in conditions beyond the limit of other materials. 

Properties & Advantages

- Self lubricating

- Fine tolerances & surface finish

- High mechanical strength

- Robust design


Catering to various industries, Mogul Electromech stocks Power as well as Data Control Sliprings from UK and European Manufacturers which have been installed as OE products on various machines.

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